There’s No Place Like Home


“…What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived-the things God has prepared for those who love him…” 1 Corinthians 2:9 NIV

Dorothy got it right when she repeated “There’s no place like home” in the 1939 Wizard of Oz classic movie. I have to admit that I agree with her wholeheartedly. After a long day of working, there’s nothing like the feeling of pulling into the driveway of my house, anticipation welling inside, as I know that my refuge of comfort and relaxation awaits (after cooking supper and washing laundry, of course).

And I love to travel, although not quite as much as my husband. So when I return home to my snuggly bed after being away for several days, there’s just this feeling of peace and contentment that takes over my senses.

There’s no place like home.

I remember this feeling vividly upon returning home from a horrible weekend trip to Boone, NC with my husband and children. The mini-vacation turned out to be less than ideal when we couldn’t make it to our hotel destination due to a snow storm and weren’t equipped with a four-wheel drive vehicle. We had to park at the bottom of a huge hill, trek the steep slope while carrying all of our luggage (and we packed a lot), snow and sleet painfully swirling against our unprepared naked faces, just to make it to the hotel. Once there, we tried to make the best of it. But my daughter got sick with a stomach virus and was up all night vomiting. Sleep deprived and ill-tempered the next morning, we never got the chance to go snow tubing which was our primary purpose for going to the mountains. And did I mention that I lost my favorite scarf while we were there? Needless to say, I was never more ready to see my humble house than when we returned on that Sunday afternoon.

There’s no place like home.

But then again I’m reminded that some people don’t feel the same way about their home situations as I do. Maybe there is abuse in the home. Perhaps there is anger, bitterness, and hurt growing there instead of love and good humor. Or loneliness may be threatening to overtake the souls residing there. Unfortunately, because of our broken world, I’m aware, that for some people, thinking about going home triggers feelings of pain instead of warm, fuzzy feelings.

Whatever the situation though, there is hope. Promise is found in the realization that the homes we have here on earth are only temporary. Our permanent residence and citizenship are in Heaven. As Christians, we get to live with God and Jesus! The Bible reassures us that we cannot conceive with our minds, hear with our ears, or possibly see with our eyes now what God has prepared for us in Paradise. There are streets of gold and gates of pearl. And there will be no more pain, suffering, or sorrow. Our home with Jesus will be perfect in every way possible. Even in the wildest, most creative stretch of our imaginations, we cannot begin to fathom how wonderful and glorious our eternal home in Heaven will be.

Perhaps you are struggling today with a difficult situation and you dread going home to face your obstacles. Talk to God about your difficulties and trust Him to work in the situation for your good. And most importantly, be encouraged that this situation is only temporary. You have much to look forward to, my friend.

Or maybe, everything is just wonderful on the home front for you and your family right now. Humble yourself before the Lord and give Him honor and praise for those blessings in your life. Be inspired that even as your circumstances are lovely now, your Heavenly home will far surpass anything you could ever experience on earth.

One day, as brothers and sisters in Christ, when we all get to Paradise, I believe in honest reverence we will utter these words…

 There’s no place like home…with Jesus.

Hope you have a wonderful, blessed week,

Alisha Ritchie


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