You Are Loved


“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.”   John 15:9 NIV

I sat at a distance, watching the two them share their meal together. My patient and her husband had just settled down at the kitchen table to eat hoagie sandwiches and pickles. Nothing fancy there. The cooking shows wouldn’t be calling to get the recipe for their gourmet meal. But they had a recipe far more valuable in their possession-the ingredients for a long, happy marriage filled with love.

They had shared over fifty years together streaked with tears of joy and sadness but built on unshaken faith in God. In this season of life, my patient has dementia and her husband is doing everything he can to keep her at home. He doesn’t want to take the next step of putting her in a nursing facility. He washes her soiled linens. He provides all the meals. He arranges all the doctor appointments. He patiently explains to her several times a day why her brother is in the hospital, even though he’s already told her many times before.

As I sat there, just watching them, I was overcome with the chill bumping sensation that this is what genuine love looks like.

Sacrificial love.

Committed love.

Love that doesn’t quit and knows no bounds.

Love that knows every intimate detail.

The love of Christ.

In that moment, I was reminded that Christ has that very same love for each of us, except it runs so much deeper than even my patient and her husband have experienced in their marriage. What other love would lay down His life for me a sinner than that of the Son of God?

Because God loves me, He is concerned with every detail of my life. He knows my thoughts, actions, and my ways. He knows the words I speak before I can even voice them. He is ever-present and I will never be far from Him. His creativity and workmanship have gone into designing me into who I am. How can I feel anything but loved?

     And He feels the exact same way about you!

     Is there someone in your life who needs to hear that God loves them, too? Pray for guidance in who the Lord wants to hear the message and that you will have the courage to share His story when the time is right.

Let us remind ourselves this Valentine’s Day that God set the ultimate example of love. Always remember the Lord cares for you. You possess a beauty to Him that was worth the sacrifice of His son. You are special. You are loved. Now pass it on.

Happy, Blessed Valentine’s Day!

Alisha Ritchie


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