Reckless Birds


If you are going through something you just don’t understand right now, this devotion is for you, my friend. Even though you may not understand your circumstances and trials, God does and has a plan for you! His love for you will help you through your trying times. Please keep reading…

“What is the price of two sparrows- one copper coin?  But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.”                                                           Matthew 10:29 NLT

My mood matched the dreary weather outside as I drove down the country road.  The heavy rain drops falling against the windshield felt as though they were penetrating straight into my heart.  As I continued the commute, my mind focused on the situation my son faced with a friend.

Zack’s friend was going through a very tough time and he tried to help as much as he could.  But the circumstances his friend encountered were taking a toll on my son as well.  Zack was stressed and my heart ached because I wanted to help him deal with the problems weighing him down like a heavy backpack.

But I didn’t have all the answers to the problems.  I didn’t know why Zack’s friend had to go through all those trying times.  I lacked the right words to tell my son as he helped her cope with the struggles.  As my mind swirled around all the uncertainties, a small bird flew right in front of my vehicle.

“Whew, that was close,” I thought, thankful I had missed hitting the creature.  And just as soon as I thought those words, my mind closed back in on the difficulties surrounding my son.

A few minutes later, another bird grabbed my attention by flapping its wings and diving close to my SUV.  I managed to dodge the fowl, but just barely.       `

“That’s a little strange,” I reasoned but continued on my journey to worry.

And finally, two birds flew dangerously close in front of my windshield, just inches away from the glass.  I realized they were sparrows and immediately God’s Word flooded my soul.

The verse from Matthew came back to me about how God cares so much about everything that happens, even to a sparrow.  Surely He is aware and compassionate toward all that I go through-all my son’s friend goes through, all that Zack faces, too.

I realized through my encounter with the reckless birds, the Lord is in control of the situation.  He will look after my son and his friend.  He is aware of what’s going and has a plan for hope and future, for good and not harm.  If the Lord of the universe loves the sparrows that I almost hit, He surely loves His children that He sacrificed so much for.

I released my worries to God through tear drops of praise and gratitude, mimicking the rain drops still falling outside.  Even though the weather surrounding me was bleak, my heart was transformed into warm sunshine, for I felt the love of God encompass my weary spirit.

Be encouraged that God knows all about every aspect of your life, from the very smallest detail to the largest.  He loves you and has your best interests in mind with a plan for your life beyond your most exciting dreams.  Turn your burdens over to Him and watch as He communicates His love for you in unexpected ways.

“Heavenly Father, thank you for loving me, even more than all the creatures you created.  Help me turn my heart to You when I face trying circumstances and make Your presence known in my life.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”


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